23 August 2023

Leatherbiz Market Intelligence - Footwear has the power

As the industry prepares for the usually busier second half of the year, our new issue of Leatherbiz Market Intelligence points out that the All China Leather Industry exhibition in Shanghai at the end of August, and then the Lineapelle exhibition in Milan in September will give indications of how busy the months ahead are likely to be for leather manufacturers.


The report goes on to say that the footwear sector is still the largest and most important sector in terms of total leather consumption and is currently “the only one that has the potential to turn the fortunes of the leather industry around at the moment”.


It says there are increasing signs that footwear companies are ready to look at leather again “after a long period of concentration on plastic” and says that, if this is confirmed, the impact on global leather demand would be significant and would have “the power to be a game-changer for many”.

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