18 August 2023

Brazil - Cross-party group will defend leather and footwear in Brazilian parliament

Image shows (left to right): José Fernando Bello (CICB), Silvana Dilly (Assintecal), Gerson Berwanger (Assintecal), Lucas Redecker, Haroldo Ferreira (Abicalçados) and Caetano Bianco Neto (Abicalçados).

The leather, footwear and footwear components sectors in Brazil now have a stronger voice in the country’s federal government, writes Leatherbiz.

On August 15, a support group comprising members of parliament from different states and different political parties, relaunched in Brasilia. The group, the Parliamentary Front for the Defence of Leather and Footwear, has the support of industry bodies CICB (for leather), Abicalçados (for footwear) and Assintecal (for footwear components).

Members of parliament involved include Lucas Redecker from Rio Grande do Sul, who will be the group’s president, Otto Filho from Bahia, who will be vice-president, and Newton Cardoso from Minas Gerais, who will be secretary general.

In a statement at the time of the launch, the three industry bodies pointed out that leather, footwear and footwear components production in Brazil contribute a combined total of around $9.75 billion to the country’s economy and, directly and indirectly, support more than 1.2 million jobs there.

They described the new parliamentary group as an important milestone that will help these industries make an even greater contribution to Brazil in the future, producing more for the domestic and export markets.

CICB’s executive president, José Fernando Bello, said: “The group will seek to strengthen our industry and help us boost production. Support at a legislative level will enable us to be more competitive, in Brazil and overseas.”

His counterpart at Abicalçados, Haroldo Ferreira, agreed about the importance of an increase in competitiveness. He expressed confidence that the new group would help shape policies that would, in turn, set up “better conditions for competitiveness”.

Examples he mentioned were policies that would make it easier for manufacturers to have access to credit. He also said he was hoping for policies that would regulate the impact on the Brazilian footwear market of big international e-commerce players. He added: “It will be fundamental in helping our appeals reach the right political ears.”

Assintecal’s Silvana Dilly, said she was sure footwear components manufacturers and their colleagues in shoe and leather production would benefit from the development.


The group’s president, Lucas Redecker, said he and his colleagues would have generating jobs and income as their top priority. He said the group would also be able to work with the industry bodies and business owners to promote sustainable development and innovation at Brazilian manufacturing companies.

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