14 August 2023

One 4 Leather - Vegan dies do not mean that a material is sustainable

Have you ever considered what you’re actually sitting on?

Recently, a new wave of synthetic materials, often referred to as vegan leather has emerged. At One 4 Leather, as well as among our members, we firmly uphold the idea that consumers should be free to choose. However, we believe that alongside this freedom comes the need for awareness – the term ‘vegan’ doesn’t necessarily equate to sustainability.

Many of these synthetic vegan materials are made from a blend of petrochemicals, plastics, and plant-based additives. Despite this, they utilise marketing tactics to portray them as eco-friendly alternatives, leading us to believe they’re advantageous for the environment.

Nevertheless, the world is starting to see through this greenwashing as the global community grows more discerning. Notably, several high-profile legal cases have challenged the sustainability claims of these materials. Research conducted by the FILK Freiberg Institute shows that traditional leather is a more favourable choice for the planet, outperforming these synthetic substitutes and emerging as the ultimate upcycled material.

For a deeper understanding of the FILK report, we invite you to review the summary provided by our associates at Leather UK, complete with a link to access the comprehensive report:

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