8 August 2023

Image shows the Loewe store at the Florentia Village luxury shopping district in Shanghai

Financial media group Yicai has published a list of the regions of China where people have the highest levels of disposable income, based on figures for the first half of 2023, writes Leatherbiz.

In its analysis, it gave an average figure for the whole of China of a little over $2,700 per person per year, but a number of high-profile cities and provinces recorded figures that were substantially higher.

In the top five, the city of Tianjin registered a disposable income of $3,708 per person, while the figure for Jiangsu province was $3,850.

Zhejiang province made the top three with an average disposable income of $4,775 per person, some distance behind Beijing, with $5,750 and, in top spot, Shanghai with $5,960.

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