3 August 2023

As we launch our Spring/Summer ’25 line, PrimeAsia is excited to be collaborating with our customers in person again. Our Global Sales & Marketing team members are available to present the new SS ’25 and MVP Patent articles at our customers’ convenience around the world. The articles in this line include offerings for our customers’ athletic and casual leather needs.

Research & Development remains a key pillar of PrimeAsia’s USP. Understanding the importance of continuous product creation, our organization remains committed to releasing industry leading product lines twice per year. We also provide customers with trend-specific seasonal drops and custom developments.

We also continue to make significant capital investments in our business, with a focus on immediate improvements in our manufacturing and an eye towards future growth. We have recently completed significant automation upgrades in our China facility and earlier this year, we embarked on our third expansion project in Vietnam to bring capacity up to 8M sf per month in PrimeAsia Vietnam. These investments are coupled with PrimeAsia’s exploration of options to better serve the Indonesian and South Asia markets’ demand for side leather.

In collaboration with Spin360, PrimeAsia is embarking on Phase II of its Life Cycle Assessment. This project is expected to measure the environmental impact of PrimeAsia’s production, using a representative dataset.

As global markets evolve, we understand the requirement to adjust to our customers’ needs. PrimeAsia remains committed to providing sustainable, high-quality leathers in a timely fashion from our LWG Gold facilities in China and Vietnam.

The 3,000+ members of PrimeAsia’s global team appreciate the continued support of our service.

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