25 July 2023


When it comes to repurposing, the bigger the original product, the more options you have for putting the leather to another use. Something like a sofa will give you plenty of choices, writes Real Leather, Stay Different.

Leather jackets and coats also have a decent amount of material to work with. They can be used to make bags, belts wallets and purses. You can also cut the leather into strips and weave them together to make belts or items of jewellery.

Shoes and boots are a bit trickier. The leather is usually stiffer and is cut into to quite small pieces. This makes it good for key rings and luggage tags.

Rethinking Leather

Belts can be very useful as they as they are so strong and durable. They can be used to make new straps for bags or even redesigned as wristbands or dog collars. If you have a few old belts, they could be used as cushion supports on chairs.

If you have an old piece of leather furniture, the options are almost limitless. Start by taking a good look at it to identify the areas with the most attractive patina. Use this leather to make beautiful bags or purses. The rest can be used to make almost anything mentioned earlier.

The key to repurposing is imagination. Take time to examine your old, trusted leather goods and think about how you can give them another life. Not only will you have done your bit for sustainability, you’ll have also created something personal, beautiful, and useful.

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