30 June 2023

Francis Tsang of the ChromeFree Leather Alliance writes that we not only produce Responsible Yak Leather, we are porters of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau!





The Qinghai-Tibet plateau extends over 2.5 million square kilometers of which 70 per cent is covered by grasslands. The grasslands mean different things to different peoples.

A local Tibetan tackling desertification in the area had said, “for the scientists, a grassland is part of the ecosystem, for businesspeople it is a way to profit, for Tibetan herders it is a home.”

Nomads move from pasture to pasture to find better grazing areas, which typically result in better milk, better butter, better meat, and healthier herds that bring better income. Among Tibetans, the Yak is the most important animal in the herd, though nomads also tend sheep, goats, and horses.

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