26 June 2023

VF Corporation has announced the appointment of Bracken Darrell as President and CEO from July 17, 2023, reports ILM.



Darrell has spent the last 10 years with Logitech International as President and CEO and will succeed Interim President and CEO Benno Dorer, who will remain a VF board member.

Meanwhile, Interim Chair Richard Carucci has been named Chair of the VF Corporation board.

Carucci said: “VF’s Board of Directors couldn’t be more pleased with our appointment of Bracken as VF’s 12th CEO in the company’s 124-year history. We conducted an extensive search and determined that Bracken has all the attributes to excel in this role. He is a transformational and visionary business leader with a strong track record of performance across multiple industries.

“Throughout his career, he has demonstrated an outstanding ability to enhance design capabilities, delight consumers, and accelerate revenue growth and margin expansion. His broad executive management and deep international experience make him uniquely suited to partner with and guide VF’s executive team and 35,000 talented associates around the world to fuel an exciting new future for the company.”

Prior to Logitech, Darrell held roles as President of Braun at Procter & Gamble, President of EMEA at the Whirlpool Corporation and at General Electric. Early in his career, Darrell held brand management roles with Procter & Gamble and is credited with leading the turnaround of the Old Spice brand.

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