14 June 2023

UK-based luxury restoration and resale company The Handbag Clinic has announced the launch of The Inner Circle, a “unique 360° luxury care plan”. Report by ILM.



The new plan will reportedly allow owners of luxury accessories to “effortlessly maintain the value and condition of their items and enjoy their wardrobes even more sustainably, all year round”.

Plans start from £7.99 (US$10) per month and offer members cover to protect their goods against accidental damage. This includes priority access, expedited lead times, free shipping and VIP discounts for services including cleaning, repair, protection and restoration for products including handbags, shoes, accessories and leather clothing.

Members can choose from a series of four plans which each cover a different number of items and additional benefits for higher tiers. The highest is priced at £59.99 (US$75.04) per month.

CEO Charlotte Staerck said: “Investing in luxury is a promise of longevity and we’re excited that, with the launch of The Inner Circle, we can help keep that promise. Luxury items are crafted from delicate and absorbent materials, which look beautiful but are highly disposed to wear and tear.

“Accidental stains are some of the most common problems we treat in the Clinic; dye transfer from jeans, liquid damage in restaurants and bars, hair dye from a visit to the salon, rainwater stains or a pen lid spillage – it can be devastating given the sentimental or monetary value invested.”

The Handbag Clinic reportedly restores more than 700 bags each month and has a userbase of more than 360,000.

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