10 May 2023

In an upcoming webinar, organised by the Leather Working Group and hosted by ILM, Tapestry will present its work around leather supply chain traceability, writes ILM.



The webinar, sponsored by leather chemicals business Stahl, will take place on May 24, 2023 at 1pm BST (2pm CET) and will last for around 90 minutes including a live Q&A following the presentations.

During the event, Earl W. Shank, Senior Manager, Traceability at Tapestry, will present “Leveraging Leather Traceability to Unlock Impact”.

In this presentation, Shank will outline why Tapestry committed in 2019 to achieving 95% mapping and traceability of raw materials to ensure a more responsible and transparent supply chain by 2025.

He will explain why this level of supply chain transparency is critical as Tapestry works to engage upstream suppliers and industry partners who play a critical role in the viability of Tapestry’s overall sustainability efforts and describe the company’s work and vision for more traceable leather supply chains.

The event will also include presentations from Stahl, the Leather Working Group and the Leather and Hide Council of America. Visit the event page to find out more.

Register for this event today to secure your place and keep an eye on the ILM website for more updates in the coming weeks.

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