3 May 2023

The UK Society of Leather Technologists and Chemists (SLTC) handed out a number of certificates to industry professionals at its recent conference in Northampton on April 22.


Pictured: Stephen Trantum (left) receiving his lifetime SLTC membership from President John Hubbard.


Lifetime membership certificates were handed out to Iain McFadyen, formerly of Scottish Leather Group, and Stephen Trantum of Trumpler. Rachel Garwood of Lear Corp was awarded the Axel Landmann certificate for services to the leather industry and the following professional grades were awarded:


  • Professional Grade of Fellow: Jon Ayes, Arnold Britten, Stephen Hems and Martin Heels
  • Professional Grade of Associate: Juan Francisco Hidalgo Ruiz, Deborah Taylor, Tichaona Ndhlovu and Bryre Andre Groenewald
  • Professional Grade of Licenciate: Maria-Simona Canea and Tanyaradzwa Mapfumo.

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