25 April 2023

Registration and tickets are now available for the 21st UITIC International Technical Footwear Congress of the International Union of Shoes Industry Technicians, writes ILM.



The event will be help from September 19-22, 2023, in Milan and Vigevano, Italy, organised in partnership with Simac Tanning Tech organiser Assomac.

Meanwhile, executive implementation will be done by Messe Frankfurt Italia, the Italian subsidiary of industry event organiser Messe Frankfurt.

At the event, footwear industry manufacturers and experts will discuss the future of the sector around the theme “Moving towards Sustainability through Innovation”.

The program will include visits to factories on September 19, a visit to Simac Tanning Tech on September 20, a full Congress Day on September 21, followed by a gala dinner at a castle in Vigevano. Attendees will have a second full day of the congress on September 22 to close out the event.

Congress attendees will be able to access special rates at the hotel hosting the event, NH Milano Congress Centre, subject to availability. Visit the event website to find out more about registration.

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