21 April 2023

Key Questions about Leather answered by Leather Naturally





There are many complicated messages about how to live more sustainably, but leather is NOT complicated. Simply put, without it, around 10 million tonnes would go to landfill. In a world where we are trying to do more with less, keep waste to a minimum, and where we have the expertise and the technology to turn this by-product into a versatile, long-lasting material we have a responsibility to do just that.


It’s important to remember that alternatives to leather are, the main synthetic and fossil-fuel based. Even those that sound natural or as though they come from plants often need combining with PU for strength and stability. Check out our fact sheet on labelling to learn more.






The first step to make in reducing impact for all of us as individuals, is to buy fewer things that last a long time. Choosing leather items from footwear to furniture, bags to apparel, means investing items that will last, wear beautifully and can be repaired through their lifetime.


That’s why in 2023 World Leather Day celebrates the long lasting* beauty of leather and its place in a circular economy.


*The FILK independent study showed that leather compared to many of its alternatives gave the balance of comfort and wear – check out the full report here: Benchmark Study on Leather Alternatives Published.




Modern leather making is clean and highly regulated. Want to know what to look for in terms of certification of the leather you buy? Independent bodies such as Leather Working Group, (LWG) Institute of Quality Certification for the Leather Sector, (I.C.E.C. Italy) Brazilian Leather Certification of Sustainability (C.S.C.B. Brazil) Leather Standard by Oeko-Tex and the Sustainable Leather Foundation (S.L.F.) audit tanneries in terms of best practice. Look out for their symbols and learn more here – Certification.


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