23 March 2023

The Conseil National du Cuir (CNC) produced a series of advertising spots in which it invites consumers to repair their leather goods, which is possible thanks to the durability of this material, its ability to maintain its beauty. The presentation took place at Fashion Week in Paris. Report by CueroAmérica.



The French leather industry launched this campaign called “Indestructible Cuir”, which shows how different damaged leather items can be repaired thanks to the qualities of the material. The images show a handbag that is destroyed with a saw, a shoe that is crushed with a mechanical press, and a handbag that is divided with an electric cutter.


Once “attacked”, the products are placed in the hands of skilled artisans who, with technique and ingenuity, reconstruct the products and make them usable again. The three spots last two minutes each and, at the end, consumers are invited to visit www.reparersoncuir.fr. This website shows the complete repair process and you can find the right craftsman with the help of an interactive map.


From the CNC they pointed out that “the result of waste recovery, leather is a resistant and durable material, as well as comfortable and beautiful. Perfect example of the circular economy, the skin can be repaired and reinvented to infinity”.

Watch the video:




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