20 March 2023

The International Union of Shoe Industry Technicians (UITIC) has confirmed that its International Footwear Congress will go ahead in Italy from September 19-22 and has launched a call for papers, writes Leatherbiz.

It is working with the Italian footwear and tanning machinery manufacturers’ association Assomac as its co-organiser, while footwear industry body Assocalzaturifici is also a partner and event organiser Messe Frankfurt Italia will be its organisational partner.

Part of the programme will be visited by delegates to footwear factories and research and development centres in Milan and Vigevano on September 19. A group visit to the Tanning Tech exhibition in Milan is planned for the following day, the middle day of the exhibition.

Then, on September 21 and 22, the congress itself will take place at the NH Milano Congress Centre, near Assago, to the south of Milan. The theme for the congress will be ‘Moving towards sustainability through innovation’.

Chair of the congress’s scientific committee, Françoise Nicolas, has said the organisers are expecting speakers from footwear manufacturers and brands, research centres, universities and other service providers to present “new ideas, findings or applications in the field of sustainability and innovation in the footwear business” at the event.

Prospective speakers have until May 15 to submit their proposals, which they can do online.

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