10 March 2023

Society of Leather Technologists and Chemists’ (SLTC) 125th International Conference and Dinner Dance will take place on April 22, 2023, reports ILM.

The event will be held Morley Lecture Theatre in the Senate Building of the University of Northampton, UK.


The one-day conference will involve a diverse agenda of topics across technical advances, scientific studies and general industry best practices from leading figures in the leather industry. Once again, the SLTC will offer the opportunity for attendees to attend virtually for those who cannot attend in person or are overseas.

The conference will be immediately followed by the 126th SLTC Annual General Meeting, which is open only to members, where the organisation will provide updates on the ongoing website and journal improvements, alongside the usual council business of elections for office, plus reports from the treasurer and technical committee.

Following the AGM, the annual dinner will take place at the Park Inn hotel in central Northampton.

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