1 March 2023

2023 really seems to confirm the rebound towards more classic and elegant solutions for footwear. Both in design and (therefore) in the use of sole leather, the protagonist in particular of the high quality segment. A reassuring return to the past which, today, seems to have taken root reassuringly, as we were able to see last week at the Milan fair. This is confirmed by the specialized tanneries and the shoe makers underline it. Report by La Conceria.

The shoe rewards the sole leather

“We have seen a return to the classic already starting from the post-pandemic phase, which has become more marked in particular in the last 6, 7 months”, says Antonio Quirici (on the right in the photo), president of the Cuoio di Toscana consortium and owner of the Bonistalli & Stefanelli tannery. “The leather shoe, in its various forms, also takes center stage in shop windows, where various models return, from Texan ankle boots to moccasins for men. It’s true that the sneaker remains very strong, representing a very important segment of the market, but it seems like a new impetus sales are actually coming from leather, re-proposed by the most recent fashion trends.”

Trust and prudence

“Even the most recent indications from Milan seem to confirm the trend – comments Giuseppe Volpi, owner of Volpi Tanneries in Ponte a Egola -. We register a renewed interest in sole leather, with a return from many high-end brands for an overall rediscovery of formal footwear that enhances the use of quality leather”. However, “it is not yet possible to fully understand in which direction the market will evolve. Also because the return to the classic does not always concern only leather, and can include alternative materials. However, while in the recent past we have seen a hegemony of the sneaker, now more elegant footwear is making a comeback structured solutions for both men and women”.

Industry confirms the trend

Luca Sani, president of the Toscana Manifatture Consortium and owner of the Buttero shoe factory, confirms the trend. “ Sneakers on the decline a bit, even if they are still protagonists of the footwear market. It is certainly not easy to replace them with leather footwear, both in terms of practicality and cost. Leather soles, especially if we are talking about the highest quality leather, are placed in a price range that is not a problem for a luxury brand, but may be out of reach for other consumer groups. The recent fashion shows have shown that there is an overall push from creatives in the use of leather. Only the feedback that will come from the market will tell us concretely how this trend will translate in terms of consumption”.

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