28 December 2022

In a move by parent company Deckers Brands to focus on larger retailers, footwear brand Ugg will reportedly be dropping independent stockists, reports ILM.



Drapers reported on the news after hearing from an independent retailer that the company was “really disrespecting the indies that have backed them since the beginning”.

One womenswear retailer in the UK told the outlet that it orders around £40,000 in Ugg stock each year, and has done so for more than a decade, comprising around 50% of its total footwear sales.

Another retailer told Drapers: “They just told us it’s a distribution reshuffle and didn’t really communicate with us. I think they’re trying to drive sales to their website where the profit margin is higher but it’s going to be bad news for the customers as they won’t be able to try on the shoes anymore.”

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