29 Nov 2022

A new free-to-download eBook, published by International Leather Maker (ILM) and sponsored by the Leather and Hide Council of America (L&HCA), provides a condensed insight into the current state of traceability in the global leather supply chain from farm to finished product, writes ILM.

In this free eBook, spread across 20 pages, you will learn about:

  • The L&HCA’s U.S. Traceability Program
  • How materials are traced through the leather value chain
  • What traceability methods are currently being used
  • The future for traceability in the leather industry
  • CTC Groupe’s ALIS traceability system.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to delve into the details of raw materials and leather traceability as it becomes a key part of the business of leather, with expert insight from ILM Consultant Technical Editor Karl Flowers.

Find out more and download the eBook here.

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