22 Nov 2022

Doubts about the origin and labelling of shoes being sold at stores in Turin, triggered interventions by the Italian Finance Authorities. A total of 600 thousand pairs of shoes suspected of being labelled illegally as Made in Italy were seized at warehouses in Turin and Treviso.


Most of the shoes stated “Made in Italy” with the national flag but it soon emerged that these shoes had been smuggled into the country and had, in fact, been manufactured in China, Albania and Romania.

The shoes were branded with the Diadora label, and this has led to a manager of this brand being reported to the authorities as somehow being involved in this counterfeit operation.

The estimated value of the consignment decommissioned by the Finance Authorities is 20 million euros. The smuggled merchandise has been placed in the care of the Diadora brand to verify their true origin and manufacture by the brand’s experts.

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