14 Nov 2022

Tanning group Ecco Leather is to work with a New York-based mycelium technology provider, Ecovative, to develop mycelium materials together for use in a range of finished products, writes Leatherbiz.



Earlier this year, the two companies began a dialogue about materials and methods. They also began testing mycelium materials against the high performance standards for leather products and their ability to withstand tanning processes.

Now Ecovative will supply Ecco with “custom-tuned mycelium” that Ecco will make into materials for the group’s own use and for the use of partner companies that Ecco supplies.

Commenting on the partnership, Ecco Leather’s manufacturing director, Bart Hofman-Kronborg, said: “Mycelium represents a brand new canvas. Its fast and efficient growth allows us to bring a new material category to market, one that gives consumers an environmentally conscious choice over petrochemical-derived materials.”

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