11 Nov 2022

Leather is an amazing material with a whole range of desirable properties. It is versatile and durable, flexible and malleable, strong but breathable, resilient and stylish. But, as a natural material, it does appreciate a little care to keep it in the best possible condition. An article by The Leather Council includes a link to some top tips on keeping genuine leather in top condition – and, if necessary, how to mop up spills or even (God forbid!) glue stains. Report by One 4 Leather.



What should you do if your leather car seats get wet? That should not be too much of a problem as leather is very forgiving. For ink marks, however, don’t worry but do be quick. When a sticker leaves a spot of adhesive behind, dry-cleaning fluid might be the answer although simple soap and water is often the best approach. There’s even advice on getting the leather smell back into your car.

The beauty of car leather is that it ages well – some would say it just gets better and better with age. But there are things you can do if, for instance, the sides of your car seats start creasing from constant use. Generally the best advice is that prevention is better than cure so follow the maintenance advice – such as whether to use a leather protector or not – given by your car manufacturer.

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