1 Nov 2022

Nature provides the primary conditions for human survival and development. Lin Tibet, the Lhasa Leather Factory 拉萨皮革厂 is committed to respecting, adapting, and protecting nature.

As the Yak tanning project is located on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau (QTP) which is 40% alpine meadow grassland, it is ideal for grazing the yak herds that contribute to the preservation of the plateau based in the practices of regenerative farming. These practices include enhancing biodiversity, conserving water, composting, limiting the number of animals, and environmental and soil conservation.

Community-based poverty reduction project sources their raw materials locally, thus reducing transport costs and ensuring that herders maintain their animals.

Preserving the QTP is vital for other reasons as it is a source of biodiversity, upper water sheds for large rivers, forage, and habitat for livestock, and a substantial store of carbon that grazing animals help preserve.

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