31 Oct 2022

There are many products that are labeled as leather these days. Not all of those truly contain any leather, and that is a concerning development. After all, leather is an ancient craft product, made from a natural by-product of our food system. Where can you really see the difference? Well, with leather it is all about the grain. By One 4 Leather.

Many materials, labeled as leather (vegan leather, faux leather, fruit leather, etc.), are in fact plastics or other materials enhanced with polyurethane or PVC coating materials. Leather, particularly for application in fashion and automotive interiors, often also is treated with additional coatings to achieve consistency and protect the material. The leather grain, however, is what makes it distinctly different from any imitation or engineered material. Of course, there are many other properties in which leather excels. Think about its resilience, durability, flame retardancy and many more.

Leather has been part of our lives for generations upon generations, and it deserves better than seeing its name being mislaid and misused by plastics that stake a claim for its qualities. Only real leather deserves to be called leather, easy as that.

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