20 Oct 2022

Royal Smit & Zoon outlines the variables that influence waterproof leather production in a new white paper, available now for free. Report by ILM.

There is an ongoing high demand for outdoor equipment. Especially for outdoor footwear or other gear, leather is the preferred material. Especially in wet and cold conditions, leather acts as a second breathing skin and maintains a high wearing comfort. Of course, the leather is, in that case, required to be water resistant and:

Ensure water does not penetrate and reaches the skin

  • Allow for high water vapour permeability and if possible reversible water up-take
  • Insulate against heat and cold.

How to make waterproof leather?

Making waterproof leather is much more than choosing the right fatliquor, this is actually the easiest part. The key is found in the right processes, like running times, temperature control, washing and polyvalent metal fixing.

The making of waterproof leather depends on a wide variety of factors that can influence its properties and performance. Many factors are negative factors: they reduce performance. It is important to know what should not be done. Other factors can positively influence the performance of the waterproofing agents, but what is best to do?

Before the development of a waterproof article, we all face the same problem: where to start? It helps to realise that waterproof leathers are made the same way as other leathers with neutralising, retanning and fatliquoring.

White paper: Guidelines for making waterproof leather

In the white paper “Waterproof Leather”, Royal Smit & Zoon dives into the many different parameters that influence good waterproof leather. Download the white paper here for free.

Towards a simplified process with reduced water consumption.

It is not only about obtaining high-quality water-resistant leather. The process of making the leather waterproof matters just as much. How can we simplify the process, use less water and lower the environmental impact?

With its product portfolio of water resistance chemicals for retanning, wet-end and finishing stages, Royal Smit & Zoon offers a complete range to optimise your waterproof leather recipe. Interested to know more? Download the booklet.

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