19 Oct 2022

The Executive Committee of the IULTCS is pleased to announce the 2023 grants to be awarded to three young scientists for the following three research projects:

1) IULTCS Basic Research Grant – Tyson 2023 (sponsored by Tyson Foods): €1500 (one
thousand five hundred euros)

Topics: Innovative leather processing, new chemicals for leather processing, analytical
method development, hide/skin preservation, environmental studies applied to the
tanneries, tannery waste treatment and basic research in collagen and/or leather.

2) IULTCS Machinery / Testing Grant – Erretre 2023 (sponsored by Erretre): €1000 (one
thousand euros)

Topics: Innovative machinery and component development, new software-based systems,
automation as well as new and innovative test routines and analytical method development
for parameters, which are important for the leather industry.

3) Professor Mike Redwood Sustainability / Environmental Grant: €1000 (one thousand

Topics: Innovative environmental techniques applied to the leather industry e.g. wastewater
treatment, solid waste and emissions. Studies on sustainability leather processing, new
chemicals for leather processing, carbon footprint and water management.⁠

Register now by clicking on the link: https://bit.ly/3ToGpbZ grants 2023

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