6 October 2022

PrimeAsia proudly confirms its sponsorship for APLF ASEAN, where the company will present many of its leading initiatives in an effort to bring more transparency to the industry.

From October 19th to the 21st, PrimeAsia will be at APLF ASEAN in Bangkok, Thailand to present some of its innovative projects that were recently introduced to promote transparency in its operations and supply chain. PrimeAsia’s stand # is 1A-D28 located in Hall 1 at the center of the fair next to the leather trend space and business matching area.

PrimeAsia will be showcasing its Virtual Reality Platform, a unique initiative that allows customers, partners, and stakeholders to experience the company’s Gold Rated facilities, products and much more. With Virtual Reality, PrimeAsia is bringing its tanneries directly to the consumers, showing how sustainable leather is made and what modern, state-of-the-art tanneries can do. Without leaving the fair, viewers will be able to embark on an immersive journey with unparalleled virtual access to each of PrimeAsia’s manufacturing facilities and every phase of the leather making process.

PrimeAsia showcasing Virtual Reality at APLF Dubai 2022

Steve Savino, President of Global Sales & Marketing, says “we are extremely proud and excited to have had the foresight to invest in this immersive platform. Now, more than ever, companies must rely heavily on digital resources; this is one example of how PrimeAsia continues to be a leader in the industry. With this new virtual platform, our customers and stakeholders can experience PrimeAsia from the comfort of their own home or office. It also provides the end consumer with unprecedented access into the footwear and leather goods supply chain. This is a great resource to show how leather should be made, why it is a sustainable material, and why PrimeAsia is a world-class supplier. “

PrimeAsia China – 360° Virtual Tour
PrimeAsia Vietnam – 360° Virtual Tour

PrimeAsia will also showcase its Responsibly Raised Initiative, launched at the beginning of 2020, that promotes best practices throughout the supply chain, all the way back to farms of birth. The innovative approach kick-started a positive movement, whereby engaging with strategic partners, it is able to support and promote sound animal welfare practices, sound labor conditions, and efficient environmental stewardship leading to lower emissions, all backed by full traceability and third-party verification. PrimeAsia will continue to expand these strategic collaborations to promote continuous development and positive change within its supply chains and communities in which it operates.

Since the establishment of PrimeAsia Leather Corporation in 2002, PrimeAsia is proud to share that it has recently surpassed 2 billion square feet of leather manufactured and sold to its customers around the world.

This equates to more than 48 million bovine hides being recycled and re-purposed into a beautiful, natural and sustainable material. Over 1 billion pairs of shoes have now been manufactured worldwide using PrimeAsia leathers.

This achievement was possible due to the incredible support of our 2800 collaborators that worked with us every day, to make PrimeAsia a better company for our team, customers, the environment and communities around our factories. To our customers and suppliers, we thank you for your enduring support. We are committed to continuing to provide our customers with the best possible service and highest quality leather for billions of square feet to come!

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