6 Sep 2022

TFL Heads of Development Markus Hess and Michael Franken discuss the company’s approaches and innovations in the area of renewable carbon and biobased leather chemicals.



In this latest episode of ILM’s View from the Top podcast series, Hess and Franken explain the reasons behind TFL’s push for more renewable chemicals in the leather industry and how the company has achieved its goals in the best way for tanners and finishers.

Reducing the carbon footprint of leathermaking and lowering the amount of fossil-based carbon in chemicals used to make leather are major industry mega-trends. Here, the two experts from TFL outline the steps that have already been taken to switch to renewable carbon sources while maintaining the look, feel and performance of the final leather in all market segments.

About our guests

Markus Hess is TFL’s Head of Development – Wet End and has worked in the leather industry for 45 years, joining the industry as an apprentice and training at the Leather Institute in Reutlingen, Germany.

Head of Development – Finishing at TFL, Michael Franken joined the tanning industry with an apprenticeship in 1981 and has worked at some of the leading companies in the sector, including positions as a Leather Technician with Henkel and Bayer AG.

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