25 Aug 2022

British leather goods brand Mulberry has announced that non-executive Chairman Godfrey Davis will step down on September 30, reports ILM.




The position will be taken up by Andrew Christopher Roberts, currently holding the role of non-executive Director, from the same date.

The Board has thanked Davis for his outstanding contributions to the Group since joining in 1987 as Finance Director. He will remain associated with Mulberry as Life President in a non-board role.

Davis said: “It has been a privilege to hold the position of Chairman of this iconic British luxury brand. Over the past decade, Mulberry has continued to innovate and thrive, resonating with a growing global consumer base that desires sustainable, quality craftsmanship. The business is in a strong financial position and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my colleagues and the whole team at Mulberry for their support over the years.”

Roberts will resign from the audit and nominations and remuneration committees of the Board before taking the new role. The Board will appoint an additional independent non-executive Director and name a Senior Independent Director in the near future.

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