27 June 2022
The chief executive of Gruppo Mastrotto, Chiara Mastrotto, was invited to be one of the speakers at an event in Padua on June 22, reports Leatherbiz Clara Mastrotto Local business organisations and the Corriere del Veneto newspaper organised the event, which sought to explore the question of whether Veneto is “still a land of entrepreneurs”. Ms Mastrotto said she was certain entrepreneurship was alive and well in the region. But she said: “It’s our responsibility as entrepreneurs and as businesses to build up our capacity to innovate in ways that are in keeping with economic, environmental and social sustainability.” She said the Gruppo Mastrotto leather manufacturing group sought to do this through sustainable industrial processes, which she said took considerable investment and teamwork. “This is what running a business today is about,” she said. “It’s important not to be satisfied with what you have already achieved and to keep setting yourself new goals.”

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