27 June 2022
ZHDC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) has announced a new study to research manufacturers in the chemical, leather and textile industries to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG), reports ILM. The organisation said this follows commitments from Textile Exchange and the Sustainable Apparel Coalition to reduce GHG emissions from material production by 45% before 2030. The study is also supported by research consultancy Systain, which has conducted stakeholder interviews and a survey, which will contribute to the creation of a solid infrastructure that ZDHC can “align its tools behind”. Scott Echols, Programme Director at ZDHC, said: “This study confirms that sustainable chemical management will play an important role in reducing the GHG footprint of the fashion industry. “Whether it’s the evaluation of the sustainability attributes of biobased alternatives versus fossil-based chemicals or finding and evaluating more effective and efficient textile wet processes, ZDHC’s tools and guidance will be critical to the effort.”

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