23 June 2022

Chinese tanners feel that the recent optimism shown by U.S. suppliers is misplaced, and that the world of new finished leather sales is still not in a strong place, writes TheSauerReport.



Some finished leather tanneries in China remain closed or work under restrictions, while many report that they have lost business to other Far Eastern countries’ tanners during the lockdown period. The worry is that much of this work is unlikely to return. That said, there have been some higher prices paid to U.S. suppliers for certain selections, but the general feeling is that although these prices have been paid, they cannot really be justified when the raw hide price is equated to the finished leather price.

The second half of 2022 surely must be better than the first half, but for many this will not be difficult as they were forced to close for almost two months, this following on from two weeks of closure during the Chinese New Year. One thing is for sure, the second half of 2022 is not opening with the same enthusiasm as the year started. The world appears to be in a different place, with consumers from all parts of the world feeling the economic pinch.

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