17 June 2022
On September 12, 2022, the Sustainable Leather Forum (SLF) will return to Palais Brongniart in Paris for its fourth edition, writes ILM. Organised by the Conseil National du Cuir (CNC), the event will host professionals from the leather industry alongside the fashion and luxury sectors to discuss the cutting edge of leather sustainability. In a statement, CNC said: “These days, the need for sustainable development is a given. However, a broad spectrum of approaches, from the most extreme calling for a change in society through to those who only pay lip service with “greenwashing” has emerged in recent yeas, occupying the media stage and monopolising consumer attention. “That is why the SLF organising committee has chosen to take a realistic, middle-ground approach with ambitious commitments that are still compatible with business development. To this end, our choice of speakers is crucial if we are to present exemplary achievements in the field of CSR.” Topics addressed during the fourth edition of SLF will include: the role, approaches and innovation of chemistry companies, the market for leather for automobiles, CSR approaches of other soft materials and the traceability of skins, materials and finished goods.

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