17 June 2022

A delegation of senior representatives of Italy’s national tanning industry association, UNIC, made a formal visit to the headquarters of the European Commission in Brussels on June 15, reports Leatherbiz.


Left to right: Roberto Lupi; Fabrizio Nuti; Luisa Regimenti; Piero Rosati; Manuel Rios; Rino Mastrotto.


UNIC president, Fabrizio Nuti, led the delegation, accompanied by vice-presidents Rino Mastrotto and Piero Rosati, board member Roberto Lupi, and by the current president of European leather industry body, COTANCE, Manuel Ríos.

An Italian member of the European Parliament, Luisa Regimenti, visited leather industry representatives in Santa Croce in Tuscany in May and invited industry leaders to travel to Brussels to repay the visit.

The high-level delegation presented the challenges facing tanners in Italy and throughout Europe, including the economic problems caused by rising costs.

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