20 May 2022
American Leather Holdings, which owns American Leather, Lee Industries, Brookline Furniture and Bench Made Modern, has named Brian Golden as its new CEO, reports ILM. Golden takes over from interim CEO Phil Milazzo, who took the role in March and will continue with the company in an executive leadership role in operations. Before this role, Golden held the position of CEO at York Wallcoverings, where he oversaw the company’s distribution in more than 85 countries. He brings more than three decades of sales, marketing, manufacturing, e-commerce and technology experience to American Leather Holdings, the company said. “I am honoured and energised by the opportunity to assume the role of CEO at American Leather Holdings, a company with such a strong portfolio of trusted and quality brands serving customers around the world,” he said. “I have a deep respect for all the hard work that has taken place to build American Leather Holdings, and I look forward to working with the team to advance the company into the next stage of growth.”

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