25 April 2022
Authorities in Shanghai have reported that restrictions will remain in place for now even in districts which have cut Covid-19 transmission to zero., reports ILM. Shanghai reported 15,861 new local asymptomatic coronavirus cases on April 20, down from 16,407 a day earlier. Symptomatic cases stood at 2,634, up from 2,494. Meanwhile, there were 441 new cases outside quarantined areas, up from 390 a day earlier. The death toll of the current outbreak has risen to 25, all recorded in the past four days, after eight more people died of Covid-19 in Shanghai on April 20, authorities reported. While Shanghai natives are growing desperate in lockdown, unable to find food, shipping from the port in the city, the largest in the world, has virtually ground to a halt. Reportedly, restrictions have caused 90% of the trucks moving goods in and out of the port to cease work, while the port itself has run out of space for refrigerated containers.

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