1 April 2022
JBS Couros is reiterating its commitment to sustainable production techniques at the APLF Dubai show reports ILM. The company will be showcasing furniture produced from Kind Leather and items of its different brands, including Conceria Priante, with a focus on products developed using sustainable technology. Yesterday, Sustainability Manager Kim Sena presented the company’s LCA results at the Future trends in a post-Covid leather industry hybrid conference before the show, organised by ILM and APLF. Sena said: “Besides strengthening the philosophy message of Kind Leather, of transforming waste into raw materials in line with the concept of a circular economy, we have the opportunity to show our current and future clients that innovation is possible, creating more possibilities for using our product based on sustainable production logic, as well as offering the international market a product whose environmental footprint has been scientifically evaluated. “We are taking advantage of the opportunity to share what we have learned with everyone in the industry, fostering a collaborative environment from which the planet only stands to gain.”

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