30 March 2022
Well-made leather lasts a long time and unlike many man-made, or synthetic materials it looks better with age, acquiring a depth of patina and wear pattern that is individual to the user – much like a favorite pair of jeans. As we mindfully look for ways to lower consumption, leather very much fits with the ethos of ‘buy less, buy better’. Investing in quality leather products, is investing for the future. Get a better understanding about certified leather manufacturers: Go to the website of the Leather Working Group – https://bit.ly/350gd3K Get the facts, understand leather: Go to the website of Leather Naturally – https://bit.ly/3qqVZrj

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我们主办多个专注时尚及生活潮流的商贸展览会, 为这不断变化的行业,提供最全面的买家及参展商服务,方便他们了解急速转变的行业环境,并预测来季趋势。