29 March 2022

Polypropylene drums by Pajusco Tecnologie Srl for every wet process: Liming/Tanning/Retanning/Dyeing.

Drum internals suitable to every mechanical configuration
Different loading choices:

  • 50% standard version
  • 75% Max Drum / Asterix versions



New PATENTED system
Big shelves in a new shape and advaced mechanical action!
Recycle system with shower effect for a better distribution of the bath
Automatic positioning and discharge of the bath+leather
Temperature control WI-FI by steam injection


Suitable for every drum, new “Smart Drum” technology with PREDICTIVE control system has been created in order to always have an health condition of the machine through:

  • Programmed Maintenance of the drum
  • New WI-FI safety devices
  • New sensors for vibration and oil temperature of the gear box
  • New weighting control
  • Automatic greaser for the supports



Website: https://www.pajusco.com/

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