28 March 2022
LWG’s Traceability Working Group (TrWG) met for the first meeting of the year on 2 March 2022. The main focus of the meeting this quarter was the progress in the development of mandatory traceability and deforestation due diligence requirements. The headlines from this work are that a phased approach will see an expanded scope of regions/countries where additional due diligence assessments will be required if sources overlap with regions at risk of deforestation. The assessment of traceability as a mandatory requirement within the LWG audit will be phased-in according to the LWG Traceability Roadmap. With specific thresholds defined relating to medal levels. A full consultation will be launched in March to provide members with the opportunity to comment on both the proposed LWG Traceability Roadmap and proposed requirements for mandatory traceability and deforestation due diligence. Expect this in your inboxes within the next couple of weeks. The input from key stakeholders during the consultation is essential as we work together collaboratively to reach our target to be deforestation and conversion free by 2030.

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