7 March 2022

The future is circular. With the production of, for example, fashion items, footwear, car interiors, aviation seats and upholstery, we should aim to use (and reuse) products as long as possible and reduce waste to a minimum. Material sourcing plays a vital role in this matter. Are you ready to make your leather goods circular?

Zeology Leather, the circular material choice
A leather product has the ability to biodegrade back into nature at its end of life, when manufactured in a sustainable way without hazardous chemicals. With Zeology tanned leather, Nera is offering brands and designers just that: a durable and truly sustainable material that fits in a circular model, without compromising on leather performance.

Zeology is the certified leather tanning agent that is proven free of hazardous chemicals and consists of circular chemistry.

Our certifications:

  • Cradle to Cradle Certified Material Health CertificateTM at the Platinum level
  • ToxFMD Screened Chemistry Certificate
  • ZDHC MRSL Conformance – Level 3

A perfect example of circularity
Fashion game-changer Anya Hindmarch has created a bag collection that can decompose back to earth. The collection, that is called Return to Nature, has been designed to be capable of degrading naturally – from earth, to cow, to bag, to earth and on again in a model of perfect circularity.

The Return to Nature bag styles are crafted from Zeology leather – aldehyde free, heavy metal free and chrome free – and can biodegrade naturally back to earth.

Availability Zeology Leather
Are you ready to make you leather goods circular? And do you want to know how Zeology can make a change for your tannery, brand or designs? Contact us and let’s create sustainable leather, together.

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