22 February 2022

ILM’s Tom Hogarth and Martin Ricker speak to Grace Lee and David Bondi, organisers of the APLF about the show’s move to Dubai for 2022, the opportunities presented at this new venue and what lays in store for the event in the future.

Do not miss this free-to-download episode for discussions around the origins of the APLF show, whether the fair will continue to be in Dubai in the future or return to Hong Kong, and what we can expect from the ACLE in Shanghai later this year as well.

The episode is available now on the ILM website, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Play.

About our guests
ILM is pleased to welcome Grace Lee, Event Manager at Informa Markets Asia and APLF Director, and David Bondi, Senior Vice President at Informa Markets Asia and APLF Director, for this episode to discuss all things APLF Dubai and international trade fairs in the leather sector.

You can find more episodes of ILM’s View from the Top podcast series on the ILM website. Each episode of the ILM podcast is designed to appeal to all parts of the leather supply chain, including tanners, traders, suppliers, academia and research organisations, OEMs, brands, and retailers.

To access the podcast click on APLF Dubai – What to expect at the fair

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