9 February 2022

The “Leather & the Consumer” investigating report has been launched. Daily consumers are being encouraged to make better choices in order to protect the planet and to make environmentally friendly lifestyle decisions.



This survey examines their attitudes to leather. The outcome gives a unique insight about their knowledge of leather.


For example:

  • Do consumers really know what they are buying when we speak about so called “vegan leather”?
  • Are consumers aware that hides or skins used to make leather are a by-product of the food industry that would otherwise go to waste?
  • The connection of leather and the fast-growing trend to reuse, repair and recycle products.
  • Why do consumers buy leather?


Extended answers and so many more can be found in this remarkable report. You can download the report for free without signing up. Just hit the link and benefit from it – https://bit.ly/3LeMDYG

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