19 January 2022

Research on a history of the British leather industry from the early 19th Century to the present day will commence this summer. The historian, Ian Stone, has been commissioned to write the book and it is envisaged that final publication will be in late 2024, writes Dr Kerry Senior, Director of Leather UK.



The book will focus on the various companies and individuals who featured in the development of the leather industry in the UK from the early 1800s. The book will also chart the evolution of the various trade and research organisations, educational establishments, media publications and other stakeholders, which have been influential in shaping the destiny of the UK leather industry.


Mr James Lang, Chairman of Leather UK states: “This important and exciting piece of work will bring together and record the rich history of the UK leather industry and the generations of people and families involved in it. It will demonstrate the quality and innovation of a lesser-known but nevertheless relevant and sustainable industry that makes products which stand the test of time.”


The project is being managed by an editorial team comprising Ian Michel, Jonathan Muirhead, Paul Pearson and Mike Redwood. Initial funding for the project has come from The Leathersellers’ Company, the British Leather Industry Development Trust and private donations. The project has the support of Leather UK, which has kindly agreed to act as treasurer.


The book’s author will be very grateful for any information, no matter how small, which will provide a helpful contribution to a fascinating story that will inform present and future generations. Ian Stone can be contacted via email at [email protected] and he will be grateful for any historical text, anecdotes, photographs, and other illustrations.


Corporate and private donations can be made via Leather UK. All corporate and private donations will be given an acknowledgement in the book, as will contributors to the book’s content.

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