4 January 2022

Brazilian meat returns to China: Beijing has authorized the resumption of imports. The suspension was in place since 4 September following the emergence of some cases of “mad cow”. The decision reopens the borders to boned bovine products from animals younger than 30 months, reports Italy’s La Conceria.

Brazilian meat in China

The Chinese government has reopened the borders to Brazilian meat after about 3 and a half months of hiatus. With the emergence of some cases of BSE in Minas Gerais and Mato Grosso, Beijing had suspended imports, with immediate repercussions on prices and production. Now, as beefpoint.com.br reports, trade can restart, albeit with limitations. In fact, Brazilian slaughterhouses can only ship boneless bovine products from animals under the age of 30 months to China.


“The decision of the Chinese authorities confirms the excellence of the health checks of the Brazilian offices”, wrote the ministries of Agriculture and Foreign Affairs of Brazil in an official note. If imports have been able to resume, explain from Brazilia again, it is thanks to “the close coordination and fluid dialogue. The ministries immediately communicated the news to the sector associations so that they could inform their members, in order to restart the machinery for exports. They will be able to sell whatever is authorized starting December 15th. Soon Brazilian products will therefore return to the tables of the Chinese.

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