20 December 2021

We can define it as the long wave of the debate that started just over a month ago in Glasgow, on the occasion of COP26. A debate that led the Italian tannery to come into direct contact with SMI – Sustainable Markets Initiative launched by Prince Charles. And that, as a result of these last hours, has ensured that UNIC – Italian Tanneries has received an invitation to be an integral part of the supporters of Terra Carta, the strategic document drawn up by SMI. A real, as well as very significant, green seal for the sustainable and responsible approach of Italian leather. Report by La Conceria



The green seal of Prince Charles
UNIC, therefore, was welcomed into the group of 462 Terra Carta signatories. Group transversal to the production and service sectors, mainly composed of an Anglo-Saxon players. Group that has signed a ” relaunch plan that places Nature, People and the Planet at the center of the creation of global value “. A process “that will exploit the precious and irreplaceable power of nature combined with transformative innovation and the resources of the private sector”, explains the Prince of Wales in a note.

Terra Carta (The Earth Charter)
“Taking its name from the historic Magna Carta, which inspired faith in the fundamental rights and freedoms of people over 800 years ago, Terra Carta aims to bring people and the planet together”. Objective: “To give fundamental rights and value to Nature, guaranteeing a lasting impact and a tangible legacy for this generation”. To achieve it, the initiative launched by Prince Charles identifies and co-opts those realities of the private context, “leaders in their sector” and which “at the same time have a credible roadmap, therefore supported by recognized scientific data“ in reference to the green management of its business. A concrete and constructive recognition, therefore, for the mission of UNIC and the Italian tannery.

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