7 December 2021

Italian tanning company Gruppo Dani has expressed dismay at criticism in local media over steps it has taken to help employees in its automotive leather division, reports Leatherbiz.

A local newspaper in Vicenza criticised Gruppo Dani for making use of a wage-protection programme set up by the Italian government to help companies withstand the effects of the covid-19 pandemic. Employees whose hours have reduced receive a top-up from the state to supplement the lower salary.

Dani explained that a downturn in demand for automotive leather had led it to avail itself of the assistance programme. It said this was the first time in 70 years of business that it had applied for help of this kind and that it would affect 40 out of 630 employees. Some of the Dani Automotive employees affected by the situation will work in parts of the group that remain busy.

It objected to the newspaper report, saying its tone and had led to “alarm” among some of its international customers.

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