3 December 2021

Francis Tsang, co-founder of the ChromeFree Leather Alliance writes that he is excited about the launch of Zeology tanned #saltfree yak hides, an initiative to realize specific sustainability goals focused on green tanning processing in China, for China, and the World.



Technical support by Nera Leather Tanning, Sichuan Dehua Leather is the first tannery in China that produces Zeology tanned leather from fresh yak hides and is based in the town of Jiangyou. The tannery is very close to the slaughterhouse.

Yaks are beneficial for the health of alpine grasslands, and we at the leather value chain put an end to the landfilling of yak hides. This reduces livestock’s environmental footprint and provides beauty and culture in the process.

关于亚太区皮革展 ​



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