30 September 2021

Traceability - Webinar: Vitelco to reveal its solution for 100% traceability

In an upcoming ILM webinar, Vitelco Managing Director Twan De Bie will discuss how the company is contributing to the industry’s drive towards 100% traceability by outlining their own system.

The leather division of Dutch veal and pork processors, Vitelco Leather, recently launched a 100% fully traceable calfskin leather from birth to finished leather. Much of the 7,000 calfskins from its weekly production are processed in-house by the company and the traceable leather is marketed as ‘ReVeal’. All of its production is fully traceable.

In this free-to-attend webinar Twan De Bie will be joined by presenters from Gibson Bass, Oeko-Tex and Spoor Leather, and will be followed by a Q&A session with ILM Content Director Martin Ricker.

About Twan De Bie


De Bie is a Dutch farmers son, growing up on a veal farm in the south of the Netherlands, and this knowledge of the complete supply chain brings him a great advantage today. He has a background in agriculture and economics and used to work for a feed producing company and accounting firms. Today, he is a board member and spokesman at Pali Group and the Managing Director of its tannery, Vitelco Leather.

Presenters and topics:


“Traceability: Why and how?” – Joe Gibson, Co-founder and Managing Director, Gibson Bass.

“ReVeal: 100% Traceability at Vitelco Leather” – Twan De Bie, Managing Director, Vitelco Leather.

“From farm to store: a pilot for full transparency in the leather supply chain.” – Dr Dominik Kinschel, Product Manager Standard 100 & Leather Standard, Oeko-Tex and Birgitte Holgaard Langer, Business Development Director, Spoor Leather.


Who should watch this webinar?


This webinar is aimed at anyone connected with the global leather supply chain from the raw materials to the finished product. It is particularly relevant for hide/skin suppliers, tanners, brands, retailers and OEMs.

How can I register to attend?


The webinar will be broadcast on Thursday, October 7 at 3pm CET (2pm BST), and will last approximately 60 minutes.

Click here to register (registrations subject to approval).

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