18 October 2021

Leatherbiz Market Intelligence - Three decisive developments emerge

Leatherbiz Market Intelligence


In this latest version of our fortnightly industry newsletter, we learn that three clear developments have emerged in the global leather industry in recent months.


Photo credit – Lexus


These are: significant production problems in the automotive industry, the situation in the transport markets and the general question of how leather will be used in the future. The first two developments are temporary and will be resolved in time, according to the report. 


In the case of the third development, though, it says we are dealing with something “much more threatening”. It says leather production and leather consumption will continue for the foreseeable future but argues that it’s impossible to predict the extent to which alternative materials will take market share away from leather.


It identifies this problem: arguments that leather is a natural product, part of the circular economy and a naturally available raw material that is made from by-products have not caught on in mainstream media. 

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